Saturday, August 23, 2014

8/22 Lighthouse & Coast Guard Museum

I put things away and unhooked today from my camping spot and went exploring.  I knew there was a nearby lighthouse and museum.

The lighthouse was a lot closer to the beach when it was built, but construction of a jetty caused sand to build up and left it farther back.  I still functioned for many years because it was so tall. 

This is looking up at the 135 stairs from the bottom.

And looking down from the top!

This is looking up at the "clamshell" 3rd order Fresnel lens.  A clamshell lens is round on one side and shaped like a clamshell on the other.   Third order means it is bigger than fourth order lens, but a lot smaller than a first order lens which can be 10-15' tall.  Point Arena and Cape Hatteras have first order lens. 

This third order light could be seen 20 miles out to sea.

Here you can see the clamshell shape.
A view from the top.  Could not go outside so had to take photo through the glass.

Small town of Westport from the lighthouse top.

 This is the Coast Guard Museum in Westport.

This little building had some whale and seal bones and other things that floated up on the beach. 

This is a first order Fresnel lens from Cape Desperation, farther north along the Olympic Peninsula.  When they tore the lighthouse down, they gave the lens to the museum here and a building was specifically built to house it.  You can see how big it is!

 Westport is a very busy fishing port, but no one is fishing for crabs, so I was not able to buy any.  Kids at the next door campsite rented some crab pots yesterday along a dock somewhere and had a whole bucketful of Dungeness crabs!  Too cold for me to go crabbing, however, so I will wait until I can find some in a few weeks when crabbing season begins.  

This is just a small part of the harbor area.  All you could smell was fish because they have a couple of processing plants in town! 

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