Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/15 La Push Reservation Campground

This is a basic campground with horrible internet service, but with another gorgeous view. Most of the campsites face the ocean, although the dunes make it a little hard to actually see the water, especially with the fog.  It is a very short walk to the beach, however. 

Lots of very old logs on the beach. 

This is looking northwest up the beach to the small islands that are part of the reservation.  Can't get to them, however, without a boat, and I don't think even then.  I believe they are off-limits to non-tribal members.

This view is southwest.

I looked these small jellies up, and they are called "By the Wind Sailor".  The beach was covered with them.  Here is a website that mentions them:
Among all the other logs on the beach is this behemoth. It must have been here for ages. 



Could not resist climbing on it, but was too scared to walk all the way to the end.  The big dog was walking up and down the beach trying to find human friends.  He would latch onto a group and walk with them for a while, then pick someone else.  One young couple was holding hands, and he placed himself right in between them!  Very funny.   

Kids were enjoying climbing on and hiding in the other side of the stump.  There is one inside in this photo, but it is hard to see him.


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