Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2/2 More McDowell Regional Park

This is such a beautiful place, it is on my list of places to come back to over and over again.  It is also a very nice campground with spots very much spread far apart.  Gorgeous scenery and well away from road noise.  Well taken care of, also, which is important.  It has been full almost every day this week, and I have noticed that most of the campers are staying several days to the maximum allowed two weeks. 
 This is a very creatively done playground.  Not only is there the usual covering for the hot weather, but the ground around the play equipment is very soft wood chips.  This is a neat slide that looks like a snake!

Here is where you go into the snake's body.  Some sort of swinging thing on the right.

This cactus not only does not have spines but it is soft and easily climbable.  Soft place to fall, as well.

I thought this was cute.  It was only a couple of feet in diameter, but someone had some a very good job of  adding a snake, tarantula, and small lizard.

Just can't take enough photos of the distant mountains.  You can see my motorhome, also.  This was taken during a walk I took. I do try to get out every day and walk for as long as I can, which usually isn't very far, but better than nothing.
This regional park is near the very expensive community of Fountain Hills, which is east and slightly north of Scottsdale, Arizona.  I have not had a chance to do much exploring in the town yet, but the center of the community is a pond with an enormous fountain that sprays up 550 feet for ten minutes of every hour.  This was taken about three miles away.

I used my telephoto feature of my camera, but you can actually see the fountain from the campground!  It is at least 4-5 miles away. 

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