Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/23 Sebastian Inlet

This is a big inlet north of Vero Beach, Florida, where the inland waterway empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  Lot of people fishing around here, both in boats and from the bank and the bridge that crosses it. 

Caught a really neat almost-sunset photo yesterday.  I was trying to take a photo of the inlet but the sun was too bright, so I waited until it was behind a cloud and got this.

This morning I rode my bike up to the bridge and watched the pelicans trying to keep up with the outgoing tide.  They kept floating out to the ocean and then would have to fly back.  Most of them were really just hanging around because of the fisherman, but I did see several catch their own fish.

The beach was just under the bridge.  There are piers on both the north and the south side.

I decided to try to ride my bike or walk part way over the bridge to get some more photos.  Unfortunately, there was really no bike path or even an pedestrian path.  I walked my bike part way and then walked the rest along the curb.  It was a bit scary because this was not really intended for pedestrians and the railing was very low when you stood on the curb.  I was glad to get down!


The last photo above shows what they call the tide pool.  It is a swimming and beach area that is slightly blocked off from the rest of the inlet by rocks and a shallow artificial sand bar, turning it into a tide pool when the tide goes out.  I will have to explore that in a couple of days.

Last photo is a snowy egret.  These are easy to identify by the black beak and black legs.  You cannot see his orange feet, however.  I first saw a flock of these in January when I was driving along a divided highway out in the country and almost hit a bunch of these that flew in front of my vehicle.  Just missed them, but I could see the black beaks and black legs very clearly. 


  1. Your first picture would look really great framed Judy.

  2. All of those photos are amazing. Very nicely done!