Monday, January 10, 2022

1/10 Parksdale Market in Plant City

Plant City is famous for being the world's largest winter supplier of strawberries.  As you drive into the town, you pass dozens of large fields full of strawberry plants.  This is just the beginning of the winter picking season, but farm workers were in the fields picking already.

The Parksdale Market is famous for its fruits and vegetables, but also for its strawberry shortcake and strawberry covered ice cream.  I bought several jars of jam to give as gifts, but skipped the shortcake.  The owners of this market also own many of the local strawberry fields, so you can be certain your berries have been picked that morning.  I got there early, so had no problems finding a place to park my motorhome, but I would have had a problem after noon.

They offer a lot more than strawberries. Everything is bright and nicely displayed.

This is the counter where you order your strawberry shortcake.  I had come here several years ago with a group of other women who drive RVs.

You can eat outside or under this picnic area. 

And, of course, I did buy some strawberries.  Not only were they beautiful, but they tasted terrific with my dinner later on. 

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