Friday, September 17, 2021

I'm Baaacck!

 I've been hanging around Michigan and Ohio this summer, visiting friends and relatives, including grandkids, and getting some overdue maintenance done.  

  • I got my tail and running lights fixed.  These had not been working for about 10 months, even after having them looked at by a truck repair place, an RV dealer, and an automotive electrical repairman who spent over an hour crawling under my rig looking for a short.  The REV Group service center mechanics in Decatur, IN, took four hours to find the crimped wire, but I finally can drive at night, even if I do not like to. 
  • Also got the top fiberglass part of my Class C motorhome reattached to the cab provided by Ford.  The connection points, which are in the cab directly over the driver and passenger seats were creaking as I drove and leaking air and water.  Talk about a motorhome falling apart!  
  • Five months after ordering a new awning and slide toppers, I finally also got those replaced, even if it meant three trips from Ohio to Decatur!  
  • Ordered a new, custom-made bed that fit the "short queen with the corner cut off" space I had.  Problem with this order was that it was promised in 2-3 weeks, but instead took 14 weeks!  Plus, this meant it had to be shipped to me near Gettysburg because I was no longer in Ohio near my son's house, which meant I had to manage to get this awkward 70 lb package from a shopping cart into my motorhome, and then drag it to the bedroom.  Also, had to remove old foam mattress topper and toss it in dumpster.  Old mattress is still in my RV "hallway" and hoping to be able to dispose of it at next campground.  
  • Also, went through every storage area in and under my motorhome and sorted out and disposed of stuff I did not need.  Put some things in storage and sent some books to friends.  Purpose was to reduce amount of weight I am carrying since my rig is overweight.
  • And finally, went through the dozen storage bins I have stored at my son's house and got rid of things in them that I no longer wanted to keep.  

Personal maintenance included getting an infected molar removed, having stitches put in and then removed, and a dental cleaning and checkup.  I also got caught up with several doctor appointments.  


It was good to get caught up with stuff and visit friends and relatives, but I am happy now to be back on the road.  I visited Gettysburg today and am headed to Williamsburg and Jamestown tomorrow.  Then on to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a leisurely drive south and eventually to Florida.  With a little luck, I will miss any hurricanes that head that way. 

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