Friday, March 19, 2021

3/19 Elephant Butte SP, Truth or Consquences, NM

This place is certainly a long way from anywhere, but I wanted to give this place another try.  I had been to this state park way back in 2014, but I was in the Lions Beach Campground.  This time I am camped in South Monticello Campground, which is about eight miles north of the Lions Beach.  It is also considerably newer and sites are much more spread out.  There is electric and water at each site, and I am lucky to have a view of the lake and river--the Rio Grand. 

It has been warm and windy and cold and windy since I got here four days ago, but today turned out to be about 73 degrees and hardly any wind, so I got out and went for a walk today.  Much better than two days ago when it was so windy, I had to close one of my slides to keep the slide awning from tearing.  Was really rocking and rolling!  Did not even go out the entire day because the sand was blowing so badly. 

First photo is a typical road in this part of southwestern New Mexico.  Basically, it is straight and without a lot of traffic. 

This is a very, very dry desert, so there is little that is green, other than the millions of creosote bushes.  There are dead-looking trees without leaves, but those will get leaves after they get some rain here.  It has been a difficult drought for animals and plants.   This is a road within Elephant Butte SP, but still a long way from my campground.

Nice big site with a covered picnic table.  However, in spite of this being a desert, it does not get horribly hot here, even in summer, because the elevation is about 5,200' above sea level.  The elevation is tricky in New Mexico because it is a lot higher than Arizona or Nevada, and thus colder year round.  Highs since I have been in this area have been from 48 to today's 73.

View from the front.  Notice the nice, clean gravel and the paved area under the picnic table roof.

View of Elephant Butte Lake, and a very long walk to get there!!!  In fact, there is a boat launch next to the campground, but it does not make it all the way to the lake--has a big drop off at the end, hence it is closed until the lake gets more water.  There are several campers with boats, so they must get down there at another boat launch in this very long lake.

I took some telephoto pictures of these five white pelicans. 

The campground is full because this is a Friday, but you can see how widely spread out RVs are.  Mine is hidden behind the white trailer on the right.

And here it is!  Back home after long walk. 

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